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About Aisumi  !

We love the earth and provide the comprehensive services of architectural design, equipment work, maintenance and renewal of buildings to customer. 

It is essential to establish the comprehensive information management systems in any cities and in any Buildings and to maintain them with the progress of globalization and information networks. In addition, any buildings were built for the purpose of business, residence, education, medical service, and entertainment etc., must be ecological and environmental-friendly.

 We have focused our ideas on the trend of the time. We are always thinking about the harmony between people and buildings or building equipment's and we will be doing the same in the future. Moreover, we always try to maintain the secure, safe and comfortable environment efficiently.

Aisumi’s history began in 1974 as a design work office and, in 1983; we diversified our business to the total building management company. Today, we have three companies called “Aisumi group” including “Aisumi India Private Limited, has just been incorporated in November 2009 in India. 

President 市川 勇


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